"Yes I don’t" - improv comedy show.

Looking for new challenges, new experiences we are making a step forward. With a risk of unstable grammar, vocabulary tornado and communication chaos we are pleased to invite you for an comedy show. Extremely special and unusual. Extraordinary! Exclusive! The first in history (of Lublin of course) and for sure unique - full in English.

➡ If you can communicate in English - you are welcome!
➡ If you are foreigner - feel invited!
➡ If you just love English and have a sense of humour - it's your show!
➡ If you find Google Translator your favourite mobile app - you have to come!
➡ If you are native speaker - we sincerely apologize in advance...

Yes, we don't know what we are doing...!! ?

When: 31.03.2019 (sunday) // 07:00 pm
Where: Just Crafted, Cicha 2 Street, Lublin
Tickets: 10 PLN (at place, before the show)

➡ What's improv?
It's a form of live performed comedy, where actors are playing without a scripts, but inspired by suggestions of audience.

➡ Is that a stand-up?
Nope, improv is a comedy form that involves more than one man and one microphone. It's also usually more polite and less offensive.

➡ What i need to know or have with me?
NOTHING, we don't need anything from You but only Your suggestions.

➡ Will i get involved or forced to go onstage?
Yes/no. We can't promise.
Just kidding, you're an audience! Your job is to watch.

5... 4... 3... 2... 1... IMPROV!